The Kickstart

ReSTELA is a project inspired by the urgent need for digital transformation in the education industry. The covid-19 pandemic was a trigger for the realization of the digital readiness level of the available online educational platforms, much less remote STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics) labs.

The main goal is not only to educate teachers and therefore students, but also to spark an interest in these topics and possibly help them seek out further training and career in STEM. They will have the opportunity to stay updated on this project, as the material and other relevant information will be available through an online platform and social media accounts.

Professional organizations (ECECT, TalTech, Scuola Di Robotica), that are experts in STEM education, IoT, and other digital-related skills, aim to allow the opportunity both for teachers and students to utilize the remote STEM lab that will be developed. This project aims to target especially students that do not have access to such equipment or labs such as students that live and study in rural or remote areas. A typical trainee can be a teacher/educator that has prior knowledge of STEM education, internet/IT, and digital skills, who then will teach students. Various seminars, workshops and events will utilize a developed toolkit (guide) to educate them on the remote STEM labs platform, and then host pilot sessions for the students.

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